Wireless wanderings

I guess you have to start somewhere..

So! Post uno. What to talk about. The two main areas I am going to be droning talking about for however long the blog goes on are my ‘journey’ to become a half decent Wireless engineer – which I’ve just made another page for with details of any reading material / links I come across – and my home network which well.. I’ve made a page for too and will put review of any tech I’m using or have seen that may be of some use to a ‘normal’ home user.

Whilst I love the technical side of things, I’m still a neophyte at the end of the day and that is probably the key reason I’ve created this blog; to gather my thoughts in one place and help track my own progress. The Cisco CCNP Wireless track is made up of four exams. Four! Furthermore, the only reading material available are the highly useful quick reference books by D J Henry which will point you in the right direction but the digging will have to be done by you, or in this case, me. I’ll go into further depth on those books and the CCNP Wireless track in another post. For now I’m happy with this start and hopefully this will be the first of many posts!


2 thoughts on “I guess you have to start somewhere..

  1. Hey there, not sure if you ever went all the way and got your CCNP Wireless, but if not, I’ve got a website where I cover all four exams for free. I got my CCNP Wireless even though there’s no textbooks, and wanted to give something back by helping others through the CCNP Wireless track. The site is http://ccnpwireless.tfgnetworks.com, check it out if you’re still interested and let me know what you think.


    1. Hey Stuart thanks a lot for the link you have some great articles on there that will help me a lot with my studies. I´m on a year out at the moment hence no posts for a while but will be hitting the study to hopefully complete the CCNP Wireless track when I return.

      Congrats on the CCNP Wireless!

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