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Searching for APs and Controllers in WCS

I’ve been using WCS heavily for about a year now and have created far too many maps in it than I’d care to count. In creating these maps I’ve always been frustrated when it came to searching for a Controller or AP out of hundreds or even thousands of database entries.

Adding Access Points to a map

In my example below I had just shy of 2500 WAPs to search through which even when ordered alphanumerically – by selecting “AP Name” – was a thorn in my side as that meant with the WCS default of 50 items listed per page I had to navigate through 50 pages and find the 20 APs I wanted to add to my map that time.

Ordering Alphanumerically

Further frustration and toy throwing ensued when I discovered that if the list of APs went over two pages I had to select the APs on the first page and add them before going back through the whole add process to find the remaining APs. Ahhhh!

APs ordered by 50 items per page

You may have already guessed the answer from the screenshots. Once you order the APs in any way the browser will populate with the search options that you’ve run on the database and within this will be the number of items per page. I had actually meant to see if I could input my own name search criteria but as soon as I saw the magic ’50’ I realised by simply changing that to match the number of APs I had would list them all in one big page which can then be queried (CTRL + F) for whatever is required.


Additional thoughts

This may be obvious to seasoned Wireless veterans but I was elated to find a swifter way to search for things in WCS and opened my mind to the possibilities available to anyone with the ability to manipulate SOAP in order to present information from WCS in their own format (assuming Cisco’s APIs allow it). That’s definitely something to pursue at a later date..


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