Enterprise Wireless

Remotely converting Cisco Access Points (Autonomous or Lightweight)

Although I’ve covered converting Access Points via local methods sometimes you won’t have the luxury of being onsite or have someone to hold down a mode button for you. In these instances you may need to remotely convert over the WAN which can be risky business.   Autonomous to Lightweight 1) Change the BVI Interface to DHCP This is… Continue reading Remotely converting Cisco Access Points (Autonomous or Lightweight)

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 Migration

I recently performed a Cisco Prime Infrastructure migration from 2.1.2 to 2.2 so here’s my 2 cents on why you may need it and what issues I encountered. Why Migrate For some it’s a habit to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Historically the stability and performance of CPI have also been questionable so upgrading whenever possible was the… Continue reading Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 Migration