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CCIEW – 2.0 Configure and troubleshoot wired infrastructure to support WLANs

The whole of section 2 refers to the written and the lab sections which share the same objectives.


Whilst this is the Wireless CCIE that doesn’t mean the other technologies can be ignored, particularly routing and switching which one of my mentors always stated is the bread and butter of networking. I’ve heard some say CCNP level R&S is recommended but the CCIE Wireless makes use of technologies such as Multicast and QoS which aren’t covered under any of the CCNP Exams.

CCNP R&S will definitely help but experience will pay greater dividends with the topics outlined in section 2.0 of the lab and written exams.


As this section covers both lab and written it will much easier to do as a practical and practice the configurations throughout. The lab blueprint makes use of 4500 and 3650 model switches running IOS-XE but nearly everything in this section is configurable on older IOS’ using the same syntax as IOS-XE so I’ll be using  2 x 3560s  running IP Services 12.2.55-SE11. Connected to those will be a 5508 via at least two interfaces (1 per 3560). Two 1142 APs will complete the lab.

CCIEW – 2.0 – Lab Setup


CCIEW – 2.0 – Lab IP Table

Topic List

2.1 Configure and troubleshoot wired infrastructure to support WLANs

  • 2.1.a VLANs
  • 2.1.b VTP
  • 2.1.c STP
  • 2.1.d Etherchannel
  • 2.1.e HSRP
  • 2.1.f VSS
  • 2.1.g Stacking

2.2 Plan network infrastructure capacity

2.3 Configure and troubleshoot network connectivity for:

  • 2.3.a WLAN clients
  • 2.3.b WLCs
  • 2.3.c Lightweight APs
  • 2.3.d Autonomous APs

2.4 Configure and troubleshoot PoE for APs

2.5 Configure and troubleshoot QoS on the switching infrastructure

  • 2.5.a MQC
  • 2.5.b Mls qos

2.6 Configure and troubleshoot multicast on the switching infrastructure

  • 2.6.a PIM-SM
  • 2.6.b Auto-RP
  • 2.6.c Static-RP
  • 2.6.d IGMP
  • 2.6.e IGMP snooping
  • 2.6.f MLD

2.7 Configure and troubleshoot IPv4 connectivity

  • 2.7.a Subnetting
  • 2.7.b Static routing
  • 2.7.c Basic OSPF
  • 2.7.d Basic EIGRP

2.8 Configure and troubleshoot basic IPv6 connectivity

  • 2.8.a Subnetting
  • 2.8.b Static routing
  • 2.8.c Basic OSPFv3
  • 2.8.d Basic EIGRP address families

2.9 Configure and troubleshoot wired security

  • 2.9.a ACLs (v4/v6)
  • 2.9.b dot1X
  • 2.9.c Port-security
  • 2.9.d SXP, SGT

2.10 Configure and troubleshoot network services

  • 2.10.a DNS
  • 2.10.b DHCPv4 / DHCPv6
  • 2.10.c NTP, SNTP
  • 2.10.d SYSLOG
  • 2.10.e SNMP
  • 2.10.f CDP, LLDP
  • 2.10.g SDG. mDNS



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