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CWSP Chapter 4 – Enterprise 802.11 Layer 2 Authentication Methods

This one will be fairly short and crosses over with notes I’ve already made on EAP Types for CCNP Wireless Security. AAA – Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting This concept provides a framework that many a security policy is written around. Authentication This covers initial access to a network through some as basic as a pre-shared key (PSK) up to… Continue reading CWSP Chapter 4 – Enterprise 802.11 Layer 2 Authentication Methods

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CWSP – Chapter 2 – Legacy 802.11 Security

To understand today’s security methods we must first understand the original methods! Authentication This step occurs before association and is often confused with standard authentication using username/password combinations. You could probably compare it with plugging a wired device into a switch and switchport negotiation taking place. Open System Authentication Only pre-RSNA (Robust Secure Network Authentication) method used.… Continue reading CWSP – Chapter 2 – Legacy 802.11 Security

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EAP Types

EAP – Extensible Authentication Protocol This is a layer 2 authentication protocol used within the 802.1X framework 802.1X Often referred to as 802.1x Applicable to both wired and wireless although the standard was clarified to work with the latter in 2004. 802.1X defines two logical ports used to facilitate secure authentication – Controlled and Uncontrolled. The… Continue reading EAP Types